Phần mềm lập trình PLC Cimon CICON

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Phần mềm lập trình PLC Cimon CICON

Gọi +84 904251826 để được trợ giúp

Phần mềm lập trình PLC Cimon CICON

User-friendly interface for editing and modifying the programs

Supports RS232C/422/485 and Ethernet communications

Debugging function and system diagnosis

1 Easy management of project files

2 Automatically detects special cards info

3 Present processing condition shown in the message window

4 Convenient editing by keyboard shortcuts

Easy to use programming, simply set up a dialog box for special functions instead of writing a complicated ladder program. (communication set-up, positioning, PID, protocol program, etc.)

Constant monitoring of the PLC status Fast and accurate error dectection for each cards

Reserving the I/O Compares and detects a card and checks if the card is inserted or not

Testing functions and programs are possible without connecting to a physical PLC by CICON Simulator

PID auto tuning Check PID input and current values constantly in dialog box.

PID operation condition shows as a trend type.

PID tuning is available by controlling ON-OFF.


Data sheets


CICON Version 6.10

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