iDCS-8830 Intelligent Remote Redundant Ethernet I/O expansion unit for DCS Systems

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Intelligent Remote Redundant Ethernet I/O expansion unit for DCS Systems. Includes 2 Power Modules (FPM-D2440) and 2 Communication Modules(FCM-MTCP), communicable over RS-485 and Ethernet, supports op
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iDCS-8830 Intelligent Remote Redundant Ethernet I/O expansion unit for DCS Systems




The iDCS-8830 remote redundant IO unit is available in a dual redundant configuration with Modbus TCP protocol. This consists of two communication processors installed in the same backplane. In addition to the communication processors and powers, up to 8 IO modules can be installed in the backplane. These IO modules can be configured as individual IO modules or configured as redundant IO modules. There is up to four groups of redundant I/O modules can be used in the iDCS-8830. When one of modules in the iDCS-8830 has a failure, the other backup module would take care of the work seamlessly. That can guarantee the reliability of the system. The iDCS-8830 offer redundancy options for various functions- ranging from power redundancy to I/O redundancy. Besides, there are most of I/O modules, such as DI, DO, AI, AO, PI, PO, HART and etc, can be used in the iDCS-8830. Therefore, the iDCS-8830 is fit for the high safety applications especially in DCS applications. Moreover, due to the open Modbus TCP protocol, most SCADA software built-in Modbus communication protocol can easily and quickly integrate the iDCS-8830 to the SCADA software as data acquisition and monitor to apply to environment monitoring, power management, factory automation, etc. With the above features, the iDCS-8830 is a high safety, reliability remote I/O system.


CPU module
CPU 80186 or compatible (16-bit and 80MHz)
SRAM 512KBytes
Flash 512 KB; Erase unit is one sector (64K bytes); 100,000 erase/write cycles.
Data retention: 40 years; 1,000,000 erase/write cycles.
64-bit Hardware Serial Number Yes
Built-in Watchdog Timer Yes (0.8 second)
Short Circuit Protection Yes
Power-on Value Yes, Programmable
Safe Value Yes, Programmable
Communicate Interface
COM 1 RS-232 (to update firmware)
CAN Port Internal communication with the CAN I/O modules
Ethernet Port 10/100Base-TX Ethernet Controller
(Auto-negotiating, Auto_MDIX, LE indicator)
I/O Expansion Slots
Slot Number 8
Hot Swap Yes
Auto Configuration Yes
Protection Power reverse polarity protection
Isolation 1 kV
Power requirement +10 ~ +30 VDC
Power supply 40 W
Dimensions (W x L x H) 374 x 132 x 100 mm
Installation DIN-Rail or Wall Mounting
Operating Temperature -25 ~ +75 °C
Storage Temperature -30 ~ +80 °C
Humidity 10~ 90%, Non-condensing



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