IR-310-RM CR: Module phát hồng ngoại 10 kênh đầu ra Relay giao tiếp RS-232/485 Modbus RTU

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IR-310-RM CR IR Controlled 10-channel High Power Relay Module (RoHS)

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IR-310-RM CR: Module phát hồng ngoại 10 kênh đầu ra Relay giao tiếp RS-232/485 Modbus RTU


  • 10 channels high power relays: 10A x 4, 5A x 6
  • Supports IR commands (custom:64, built-in:32) for relay control.
  • NO & NC terminals for each channel
  • Protection circuit for each channel
  • Sequential relay control
  • Supports maximum 5 sets of interlocked relay pairs (e.g. CW/CCW motor control)
  • Power-on values and power failure memory
  • RS-232 and RS-485 serial interface
  • Supports Modbus/RTU protocol (Slave)
  • Modbus Network IDs: 1 ~ 15 (HW); 1 ~ 247 (SW)


IR-310-RM is a 10-channel high power relay module designed for the power control of various appliances. The relay module can switch up to 10 A loads. There are NO/NC switches and protection circuit for each channel. The relays can be controlled independently or sequentially by serial communication with Modbus RTU protocol, as well as by wireless IR remote control. There are also maximum 5 interlocked relay pairs for interlocked switching. The application field can be manual/automatic power switch, light scenario control and energy conservation etc.


  • e-Classroom service
  • Lighting Scenario Control
  • Home and Building Automation


CPU Module
NET ID Hardware: 1 ~ 15
Software: 1 ~ 247


LED Indicators
Status 1 x Power indication
10 x Relay output indicators


IR Remote Commands 64 IR commands (#0 ~ #63) corresponding to self-defined relay states.
32 IR commands (#192 ~ #223) corresponding to built-in relay states.
IR Remote Input 1 x On-board IR receiver
1 x 3.5 mm audio jack (for CA-IR-001)


Relay Output
Channels 10
Type Form C relay SPDT
Contact Rating 5A @220VAC for RL0, RL1 & RL6~RL9
10A @220VAC for RL2 ~ RL5
(Operating temperature: 25°C)
Operate Time 10 ms for RL0,RL1 & RL6 ~ RL9,
15 ms for RL2 ~ RL5
Release Time 5 ms for RL0, RL1 & RL6 ~ RL9
10 ms for RL2 ~ RL5
Electrical Endurance 1 × 10^5 OPS
Mechanical Endurance 1 × 10^7 OPS


COM Ports
Ports RS-232 (TxD, RxD, GND)
RS-485 (DATA+, DATA-)
Baud Rate 9600, 19200, 38400, 57600, 115200 bps
Data Format Parity: None, Databits: 8, Stopbits: 1
Protocol Modbus RTU Slave


Consumption 6.5W (max)


Dimensions (mm) 220 x 113 x 48 (W x L x H)


Operating Temperature -25 ~ +75 °C
Storage Temperature -30 ~ +80 °C
Humidity 10 ~ 95% RH, Non-condensing


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IR-310-RM     CR  IR Controlled 10-channel High Power Relay Module (RoHS)

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