Bộ điều khiển cầm tay màn hình HMI ICP DAS iVIEW-100-40

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iVIEW-100-40 Handheld Controller with 512k flash ,512k SRAM, CPU is 40MHz

S-256 / S-512 256 / 512 K battery backup SRAM Module

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Bộ điều khiển cầm tay màn hình HMI ICP DAS iVIEW-100-40


All-in-one Handheld HMI Controller
The iVIEW-100 series, all-in-one pack, are the compact handheld HMI controller with low cost/high performance text/graphic LCD display, specially designed for industrial environment that requires high reliability and PC-compatibility.



128x64 Dot, Green STN LCD Display
The iVIEW-100 series build-in the Green STN LCD to display messages & bitmap pictures. We offer many user functions for you to show texts, lines, boxes, icon & bitmap graphics.
You can show your messages on several pages.

Local Language Bitmap Solution
The iVIEW-100 series can show any local language. The feature of supporting bitmap graphic provides a local language solution.

The iVIEW-100 series can display Japanese, French, Russian, Italian, Chinese, Indian… etc. Any language can be shown in bitmap graphic files, can be shown on iVIEW-100 series’ LCD.

Full Numeric Membrane Keypad
The numeric membrane keypad is designed to input characters and numbers for iVIEW-100 series. You can design input-parameters into your program. So you can change the process without restarting controllers. There are 8 function keys & 4 arrow keys for the frequent functions setting.

One Programmable Buzzer

User can make alarm noise and change its period and frequency. With different alarm noises, it can notice the user what the situation is and do some corresponsive responses

Multiple IO & Protocol Solutions

The iVIEW-100 series can connect up to 64 numbers of remote I/O modules, and combine host PC

The iVIEW-100 series can also be used as HMI devices for embedded controller

When needing more IO, it provides several solutions combined with our I-7188 and I-8000 remote I/O controllers to control more DI/O even with different protocol


  • Embedded CPU, 80188, 20/40M Hz

  • 512K SRAM & 512K Flash ROM

  • Built-in RTC & NVSRAM & EEPROM

  • Built-in 2 channels of COM port

  • COM driver support interrupt & 1K QUEUE input buffer

  • Built-in watchdog timer for harsh environment

  • Built-in power protection circuit

  • Built-in RS-485 network protection circuit

  • Support C language programming

  • Program download from PC

  • MiniOS7 inside

  • RTC leap year compensation to 2079

  • MiniOS7 support RTC time & date

  • 64-bit Hardware Unique Serial Number

  • Built-in LCD display

  • LED type yellow-green backlight

  • Full numeric membrane keypad

  • 4 digital input channels and 2 relay output channels(Can be jumper       selected to 4 open collector output channels)

  • One buzzer inside


iVIEW-100 series




  • 80188, 20M Hz

  • 80188, 40M Hz


  • 512K bytes

Flash Memory

  • 512K bytes

  • 64K bytes are used by MiniOS7

  • Erase unit is one sector(64K bytes)

  • 100,000 erase/write cycles


  • 2048 bytes

  • Data retention >100years

  • 1,000,000 erase/write cycles


  • 31 bytes 

  • Battery backup, data valid up to 10 years

Real Time Clock

  • Seconds, minutes, hours, date of the month

  • Month, year, valid up to 2079

  • NVSRAM : 31bytes, data valid up to 10years

  • Lithium battery for RTC & NVSRAM

Watchdog Timer

  • Yes


  • RS-232

  • MaxSpeed:115200

  • Program download with COM 1


  • RS-232 or RS-485

  • RS-485 : self-tuner

  • MaxSpeed:115200

DIO Channel

  • Input: 4 digital inputs

  • Output: 2 relay outputs, can jumper selected to 4 open collector outputs


  • STN, Yellow-Green Backlight LCD

  • 128*64 dots, 16*8 characters, VA:72*40mm

  • Shows text, number, real, Boolean, BMP graphic

  • Draws pixel, line, box, Lamp icon

  • Max to 48 pages


  • Full numeric membrane

  • Number, character, , shift, enter, BS, Esc keys

  • 4 direction, 8 function keys


  • One internal buzzer

Packing List

One piece of IView module

One cable, CA1518-A, for download from PC, or link to other RS-232 device

One piece of companion CD for software

User manual



Download All

Odering information


 Handheld Controller with 512k flash ,512k SRAM, CPU is 40MHz

 S-256 / S-512

 256 / 512 K battery backup SRAM Module

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