Distributed Motionnet Single-axis Motion Control Modules ICP DAS MN-SERVO-DAA-EC CR

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Distributed Motionnet Single-axis Motion Control Modules (With e-CON Mini-Clamp Connector)

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Distributed Motionnet Single-axis Motion Control Modules ICP DAS MN-SERVO-DAA-EC CR


  • Maximum communication speed: 20 Mbps
  • Pulse Output Rate: 6.6 MHz (Max.)
  • Control up to 64 axes per line
  • Multi-axis linear interpolation function
  • 2-axis circular interpolation function
  • T/S-curve acceleration and deceleration
  • Change speed and position on the fly
  • Slow down sensor, home sensor, positive and negative limit sensors for each axis
  • Software limit and compare trigger output
  • Three-way isolation for power, communication and I/O
    (Provide better noise immunity and device protection)
  • The EC module equipped with Mini-Clamp connector provide for an easier and debris-free wire termination process


The MN-SERVO-EC series is used to expand the number of axes for distributed motion control on a Motionnet fieldbus. These extension slave modules can be directly connected to the servo driver and are serially connected to the controller using a simple and affordable Cat.5 LAN cable, reducing the amount of wiring required between the drivers and the controller, making this a highly suitable solution for integrated machine automation applications. After the module is connected to the servo driver, all you need to do is connect a serial LAN cable between the modules. One serial line can support up to 64 single-axis modules. ICP DAS provides a variety of motion control modules suitable for a range of brands of servo drivers, such as Mitsubishi MELSERVO-J3/J4, Yaskawa Sigma II/III/V, Panasonic MINAS A4/A5, Delta ASDA-A/A2, and Teco TSTA-A/A+.


LED Indicators
Status Communication state (Link, Error)
Internal 3.3 V Power
Termination Resistor Switch
Mechanic Switch Input
Speed Profile Trapezoidal/S Shaped Acc/Dec Driving
Auto-Home Search 13 Types
Axis I/O
Servo Interface Output SVON, ERC, ALM_RST
Latch Input Yes (shared with SD)
Mechanical Switch Input LMT+, LMT-, HOME, SD, EMG
Position Compare Output High-Speed 5 V TTL
or 24 V open collector
Servo Interface Input ALM, RDY, INP
Encoder Input
Mode CW/CCW, A/B phase
Counter Width 28-bit
Pulse Output
Counter Width 28-bit
Rate 6.6 MHz (Max.)
Communication Connectors Mini-Clamp Connector
Transfer Speed 2.5, 5, 10, 20 Mbps
Input Range 24VDC +/-5% (1000 V isolated)
Operating Temperature 0 ~ +60 °C
Storage Temperature -20 ~ +80°C
Humidity 10 ~ 90% RH, Non-condensing




Ordering Information

MN-SERVO-DAA-EC     CR  Distributed Motionnet Single-axis Motion Control Module with e-CON Mini-Clamp connector for
Delta ASDA-A/A2 (RoHS)

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