Module Motionnet 16 kênh đầu vào số + 16 kênh đầu ra số ICP DAS MN-3254

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Distributed Motionnet 16-ch Isolated DI, 16-ch Isolated DO Module with RJ-45 Connector for motion control. LED diagnostics for communiocation and I/O status. Has operating temperature range of 0°C ~ +60°C (+32°F ~ +140°F)

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Module Motionnet 16 kênh đầu vào số + 16 kênh đầu ra số ICP DAS MN-3254


The MN-3254 module is an I/O expansion device for Motionnet systems. Equipped with 16 isolated digital input channels and 16 isolated digital output channels, each Motionnet communication line can be connected to up to 64 modules, meaning that the I/ O can be expanded to up to 1024 input channels and 1024 output channels. The communication time required by each MN-3254 is 15.1 us. If 64 modules have been connected, signals for 2048 points on 64 modules can be sent and received within 0.97 msec. The update of the I/O status is completed automatically through the Motionnet system at a constant interval, and setting interrupts for specific input points that the customer wants to monitor can help prevent CPU time from being wasted by repetitive polling when there is nothing else for the issuing process to do. Each input port can be specified as either NPN or PNP (12 ~ 24 V), and the internal flywheel diodes of each output port can be individually connected to different sources of power (each port is comprise of 8 I/O signals).


Digital Input


Input Channels


Input Type

Sink/Source (NPN/PNP)

On Voltage Level

+10 ~ 30 VDC

Off Voltage Level

+3 VDC Max.

Input Impedence

4.7 KΩ

Isolation Voltage

3000 Vrms

Digital Output


Output Channel


Output Type

Open Collector (Sink), with internal flywheel diode

Load Voltage

+30 VDC max.

Load Current

200 mA max. for each channel

Isolation Voltage

3000 Vrms



LED Indicators

Communication state (Link, Error)
Input/output state
Internal 3.3 V Power
Termination resistor switch

Communication Speed

Selectable 2.5, 5, 10 or 20 Mbps by DIP Switch

Cyclic Scan Time

15.1 µs per device (20 Mbps)

Communication Connector

MN-3254: RJ-45 x 2
MN-3254T: 5-pin terminal block

I/O Connector

13-Pin removable terminal block



Voltage Range

24 VDC (1000 V isolated)

Power Consumption

2 W max.


Reverse voltage and overcurrent protection


7-Pin removable terminal block





Dimensions (W x L x H)

31 mm x 140 mm x 126.6 mm


DIN-Rail Mounting



Operating Temperature

0°C ~ 60°C (32°F ~ +140°F)

Storage Temperature

-20°C ~ +80°C (-4°F ~ 176°F)

Operating Temperature

10 ~ 85%, Non-condensing

Storage Humidity

5 ~ 95% RH, Non-condensing

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