Bộ lập trình điều khiển truyền thông Ethernet ICP DAS μPAC-7186EXD-MTCP

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μPAC-7186EX-MTCP CR μPAC-7186EX with default Modbus/TCP firmware (RoHS)

μPAC-7186EXD-MTCP CR μPAC-7186EXD with default Modbus/TCP firmware (RoHS)

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Bộ lập trình điều khiển truyền thông Ethernet ICP DAS μPAC-7186EXD-MTCP


Features of default Modbus firmware

When you buy an μPAC-7186EX-MTCP controller, it already has the default Modbus firmware installed in Flash memory. The default firmware has the follows features:

  • Converters single Modbus/TCP to multi Modbus/RTU 
    The μPAC-7186EX-MTCP is a Modbus/TCP gateway. It can easily upgrade many Modbus/RTU devices to have Ethernet communication ability.

  • Supports VxComm technique for every COM port of controllers 
    If serial devices don't support Modbus/RTU, you can still access these devices. But need to install VxComm driver on host PCs and assign a COM port number to link to the remote COM port (of μPAC-7186EX-MTCP). After that, serial clients can access these remote serial devices via standard RS-232 functions.

  • Allowed multi-client (or master) access simultaneously 
    Different μPAC-7186EX-MTCP controller supports different client numbers connect to. Please refer to our FAQ on web for more detail.

  • Firmware modifiable 
    We provide the Modbus SDK allowing users to develop their custom Modbus firmware.

Modbus SDK ( in C language )

If the default firmware doesn't totally suit your requirement. You can use Modbus SDK to modify the default firmware to add extra functions. The Modbus SDK has below features:

  • Supports extra user-defined command protocol (TCP/IP) 
    Modbus/TCP protocol supports 2 basic data format (bit and 2-byte integer). It means if clients (or called masters) don't support Modbus/TCP or you need other format data (for example: string of floating value), μPAC-7186EX (with default firmware) cannot communicate with them. Using this feature, you can develop your special command protocol to transfer any format of data.

  • Register based programming method (easy to use) 
    Modbus library supports 4 internal register tables (iMemory_AI, iMemory_AO, iMemory_DI, iMemory_DO), you can use these to store specific information. When Modbus/TCP clients request to μPAC-7186EX-MTCP, Modbus kernel will response information from these 4 tables.

  • Provides user-defined registers 
    The 4 internal register tables are all open to users. You need to assign these tables by yourself.

  • Can Iink to Modbus/TCP slave devices                                                                                                           
    By using function ModbusTCP_Master2Slave(declared in MBTCP_7E.h),the μPAC-7186EX-MTCP can link  8 max . Modbus/TCP device.

  • Can link to Modbus/RTU slave devices 
    By using function ModbusMaster2Slave (declared in MBTCP_7E.h), Modbus/RTU devices can be easily integrated to internal registers of μPAC-7186EX-MTCP. An μPAC-7186EX-MTCP polling every Modbus/RTU devices and put every necessary information to internal registers. Clients only ask the μPAC-7186EX-MTCP to get all information of Modbus/RTU devices. That reduces loading of Clients.

  • Can link to non-Modbus/RTU serial devices 
    Some serial devices don't support Modbus/RTU. We provide functions to let μPAC-7186EX-MTCP access serial devices. You can put information to internal registers of it. Thus, the non-Modbus serial devices can also support Modbus/TCP.

  • Supports X boards
    You can choose one suitable Xboard to add on an μPAC-7186EX-MTCP to be on board I/Os.

  • Xserver SDK compatible 
    Modbus SDK is based on Xserver SDK. To lear more programming skills, you can refer demos of Xserver. To get information of demos of Xserver, please refer to CD:\Napdso\7186e\TCP\Xserver\Xserver.htm

Modbus Utility

We provide Modbus tools for Windows 98/SE/NT/2K/XP, it includes:

  1. Modbus Utility

    • On-line configuration via Ethernet

    • On-line help

    • Automatically generate register mapping tables

    • Configuration export/imp

  2. MBRTU 
    Modbus/RTU client (with source code in VB6) to diagnostic Modbus/RTU slave devices.

  3. MBTCP 
    Modbus/TCP client (with source code in VB6) to diagnostic Modbus/TCP slave devices.

Basic application 1: protocol converter

An μPAC-7186EX-MTCP runs a default firmware to become a single Modbus/TCP to multi-Modbus/RTU converter. You can simply use the Modbus Utility to configure the device and then set connection between SCADA, HMI software and the μPAC-7186EX.

Basic application 2: protocol converter with VxComm technique

An μPAC-7186EX-MTCP is also be able to link to serial devices that don't support Modbus/RTU. To use this function, you will need to install VxComm driver on host PCs. After installation, you will be able to access the remote COM ports via the standard serial driver.

Advanced application 1: Modbus/TCP controller

Using the Modbus SDK, users can develop their own custom Modbus firmware, allowing extra functions, integration of serial devices. Thus an μPAC-7186EX-MTCP can become a powerful controller.

Advanced application 2: Modbus/TCP controller with VxComm technique

When an μPAC-7186EX-MTCP links same hardware devices as Advanced application 1 link to, if any devices connected to certain COM ports are not integrated into your custom firmware, you are still able to access the COM ports via the standard serial driver. In order to do this, you must install the VxComm driver on the host PCs.




80186, 80MHz or compatible


512K bytes

Flash Memory

512K bytes


16K Bytes


31 Bytes (battery backup, data valid up to 10 year)

RTC (Real Time Clock)


64-bit Hardware Serial Number


Built-in Watchdog Timer


Communication Interface




RS-485 (D2+, D2-)

Ethernet Port

10/100Base-TX Ethernet Controller
Auto-negotiating, Auto_MDIX, LED indicator)

COM Port Formats

Data bit

7, 8


Even, Odd, None

Stop bit


LED Display

5-Digit 7 Segment LED Display

Yes (for μPAC-7186EXD-MTCP only)

System LED Indicator


Hardware Expansion

I/O expansion bus


User defined I/O pins

14 pins



123mm x 72mm x 33mm

Operating Environment

Operating Temperature

-25°C to +75°C

Storage Temperature

-40°C to +80°C


Frame Ground for ESD Protection



Power reverse polarity protection

Required Supply Voltage

+10 to +30V/DC (non-regulated)

Power consumption

1.5W for μPAC-7186EX-MTCP
2.5W for μPAC-7186EXD-MTCP




Data sheet


I/O Expension



Odering information


μPAC-7186EX with default Modbus/TCP firmware (RoHS)


μPAC-7186EXD with default Modbus/TCP firmware (RoHS)

The Modbus firmware can only run under 512K SRAM hardware. If you need more COM ports, you can buy an X board to expand the COM port number. Usage: 
Step1. Open the cover of the I-7188EX or I-7188EXD. 
Step2. Plug the X board to the I-7188EX or I-7188EXD. 
Step3. Close the cover.

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