Bộ lập trình truyền thông 4 kênh đầu vào số + 4 kênh đầu ra số + 1 cổng RS-232 + 1 cổng RS-422/485 + 1 cổng RS-485 sang Ethernet ICP DAS PDS-734

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Programmable 3 Serial Port to Ethernet Device Server. Includes CA-0910 cable

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Bộ lập trình truyền thông 4 kênh đầu vào số + 4 kênh đầu ra số + 1 cổng RS-232 + 1 cổng RS-422/485 + 1 cổng RS-485 sang Ethernet ICP DAS PDS-734


PDS-700 series are Programmable Serial to Ethernet Device Servers designed to meet the common requirements of Internet/Ethernet applications. They are easy to use to remotely control your serial devices through Ethernet networks. The PDS-700 comes with a powerful and reliable Xserver programming structure for you to design your robust Ethernet applications in one day. 

PDS-700 series are designed for linking RS-232/485/422 devices to Ethernet networks. With the VxComm utility, the built-in COM port of PDS-700 can be virtualized to a standard COM port of a host PC. By virtue of its independent operating system, protocol independence, small size and flexibility, device servers are able to meet the demands of virtually any network-enable application. Most devices don't have network ports. Our Programmable Device Servers allow those devices to become connected to the network.

  • Networkable serial devices

  • "Virtual COM" extend COM ports

  • Supports Virtual COM on Windows NT 4.0, 2000/XP/2003 and Vista32

  • Powerful programmable device server

  • Watchdog timer suitable for use in harsh environments

  • 10/100Base-TX Ethernet Controller (Auto-negotiating, Auto_MDIX, LED indicator)

  • Power reverse polarity protection

  • Serial port +/-4KV ESD protection circuit based on "REAL" testing result

  • Self-tuner ASIC controller on RS-485 port

  • Enables download of programs from PC

  • 5-digit display (only for version with display)

  • RoHS compliant with No Halogen

  • Built-in MiniOS7 of ICP DAS

  • ODM Wanted

  • Applications

    • Factory Automation

    • Building Automation

    • Home Automation




80186-80MHz or compatible


512K bytes

Flash Memory

Flash ROM: 512K Bytes ; Erase unit is one sector (64K bytes) ; 
100,000 erase/write cycles


16K byte; 
Data retention: 40 years; 1,000,000 erase/write cycles.

Built-in Watchdog Timer


Digital Output

Output Channels


Output Type

Open-Collector (Sink/NPN)

Load Voltage

30VDC, Max

Load Current

100mA, Max

Isolation Voltage


Digital Input

Input Channels


Input Type

Sink(Dry Type), Common Ground

Off Voltage Level

+1V max.

On Voltage Level

+3.5V ~ +30V

Isolation Voltage


Isolation Voltage


Max. Counter:16-bit(65535)

Max. Input Frequence:100Hz

Min. Pulse Width:5ms

Communication Interface


RS-232(TXD,RXD,RTS,CTS,GND); None-isolation


RS-485(D2+,D2-); None-isolation


RS-232(TXD,RXD,RTS,CTS,GND); None-isolation

Ethernet Port

10/100M Base-Tx Ethernet Controller
(Auto-negotiating, Auto_MDIX, LED indicator)

COM Port Formats

Data Bit

7, 8: for COM1 and COM2
5, 6, 7, 8: for COM3


None, Even, Odd, Mark, Space

Stop Bit

1: for COM1, COM2
1, 2: for COM3

Baud Rate

115200 bps Max.


Din Rail Mount


Wall Mount


LED Display

5-Digit 7 Segment LED Display

Yes(for D Version)

System LED Indicator




Fire Retardant Materials (UL94-V0 Level)


123mm x 72mm x 33mm

Operating Environment

Operating Temperature

-25°C to +75°C

Storage Temperature

-40°C to +80°C



Power Reverse Polarity Protection

Required Supply Voltage

+10 to +30V/DC (non-regulated)

Power consumption

2W for PDS-732
2.7W for PDS-732D

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