PMC-5141 Power Meter Concentrator

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Power Meter Concentrator for logging and displaying power meter information. Comes with a 2 GB microSD card. Communicable over RS-232, RS-485, Ethernet and Modbus protocol.
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PMC-5141 Power Meter Concentrator


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For the resources of the earth are getting depleted faster in recent years, countries around the world and all walks of life all set off a wave of energy saving and carbon reduction in order to avoid the waste of resources and pursue living a sustainable life to extend earth's resources. Under the trend of energy saving and carbon reduction, power monitoring gradually becomes an important project for maximizing energy efficiency by power monitoring always contributing to significant energy savings no mater on the individual, corporate or national level. For a long time, ICP DAS has been engaged in the field of automation control and developed a series of PAC (programmable automation controller) and I/O modules. We intend to provide most cost-effective total solutions for industrial automation. With cumulative experience of years, the PMMS (Power Monitor & Management Solution) developed by ICP DAS integrates core technologies such as: PAC industrial controller, digital power meter, web server and database; it enables to easily build a fully-functioned power monitoring system and furthermore fulfill the aim to cut off energy consumption.

PMMS (Power Monitor & Management Solution) mainly consists of two parts: PMC-5141 (Power Meter Concentrator) and ICP DAS Smart Power Meters.

PMC-5141(Power Meter Concentrator):
PMC-5141 allows to connect to ICP DAS Smart Power Meters via RS-485 to read the power data of the devices; and then save the power data and send the data to back-end FTP Server or SCADA software for further data integration or analysis. PMC-5141 also provides power demand management and alarm notification functions. With ICP DAS I/O modules (XW107), according to the power demand level it allows to turn on/off the devices to manage the power consumption of the devices. In addition, PMC-5141 offers built-in Web Server, it allows users to connect to PMC-5141 via browser to view power data, set up parameters for the controllers or view the real-time/historical power data of the devices. By using Flash HMI Tools function, users could easily design a specific power monitor page by a few clicks on browsers. In addition, PMC-5141 offers Modbus TCP Slave function; it allows SCADA software or HMI devices to connect to PMC-5141 to get the front-end power meter data via Modbus TCP protocol.

ICP DAS Smart Power Meters:
Currently support PM-2133, PM-2134, PM-3112, PM-3114 (with RS-485 Interface).

During the whole process of system development, no programming is required; it takes a few clicks on web page to complete settings and to store the power data of the devices in the database for further analysis.


  • Display, monitoring, storage and management of the power data
  • Power demand prediction and management
  • Power efficiency monitoring

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