WISE Surveillance Solution With iCAM Camera


WISE Surveillance Solution With iCAM Camera

A general surveillance system on current market usually features separated systems: the camera DVR/NVR as a system, and the I/O monitoring as another system; each system operates independently. For now the DVR/NVR system of the camera usually records video for 24H/7Day without interruption, it requires huge storage space and suffi cient network bandwidth; therefore the system implementation fee is usually high. In addition, when playback a certain video, it does not allow to search the suspicious activities of related I/O (temperature, doors and windows switch, water level, etc.) at the same time.

ICP DAS WISE surveillance solution integrates logic control, I/O, camera and data log in one single WISE controller. WISE allows two-way interactions between the I/O and the camera; it enables to record a piece of video or to take images when there is an event triggered by either I/O condition or ROI (Region of Interest) by camera. In this way, the storage size can be reduced signifi cantly and the connection between I/O event and Video/Image can be built for easy query.

ICP DAS WISE Surveillance Solution

Regular Surveillance Solution

  1. One WISE controller to integrate camera and I/O

  2. Records key video and image, only needs a few storage memory

  3. Two-way interaction between I/O and Video/Image

  4. Can work stand along or be integrated into a SCADA system

  5. One stop shopping/service for

    • Controller: WISE Series

    • I/O Modules: Various options for RS-485, Ethernet interfaces

    • Camera: Bullet, Fisheye, Dual Lens

    • SCADA: InduSoft

  1. Two independent systems: SCADA & DVR/NVR

  2. Record video 24H/7Days, needs huge storage memory

  3. I/O and Video/Image are independent

  4. Needs a host PC to run the SCADA

  5. Buy from diff erent venders for SCADA, I/O Modules, DVR/NVR

Well-thought-out CGI command operation with IP Camera

WISE supports full CGI command operations - CGI command sending and CGI command receiving. The CGI command sending action can be added to the logic edition as part of logic control in response to specific events. The CGI command receiving function enables WISE to receive the CGI commands from others network devices. The content of CGI command received can be used in IF condition statements to trigger the THEN/ELSE actions.

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