Bộ lập trình điều khiển Logic PLC Cimon CM3-SB16MDTV

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Bộ lập trình điều khiển Logic PLC Cimon CM3-SB16MDTV

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Bộ lập trình điều khiển Logic PLC Cimon CM3-SB16MDTV


Built-in Function

  • PID Control
    • It operates 32 LOOP PID without PID module.
  • I/O reservation
    • It scans module at designated slot.
      It refers to reservation function which writes a program without I/O change in case of expansion, Damage or replacement.
  • Online Edit
    • Program can be edited while Run mode.


  • 16Kpps High Speed Counter (2 Channel) Built-in
    • 2PH. 2/4Multi. Input mode possible, Voltage input type (Open collector)
  • 100kpps 2axis Pulse Output built-in. (Positioning)
    • Pulse + Direction Output, Position/Speed/Speed-Position, Position-Speed Control.
  • Max. 3communications can be work simultaneously. (USB, RS232, RS485)
    • CIMON HMI, MODBUS RTU/TCP, PLC Link, Protocol program(User protocol), Loader protocol, Remote access & up/down load supported.
      (Only SB16MDTV support RS485.)
  • Memory (10K Step)
  • Data reserved in case of Power cut
    • Built-in Flash memory enabling permanent backup of program without any separate batter


Items Specification Remark
Power DC12V~24V
Program Control Method Cyclic execution of stored program, Time Driven Interrupt
I/O Control Method Indirect method, Directed by program instruction
Program Language LD(Ladder Diagram), IL(Instruction List), SFC(Sequential Function Chart)
Data Processing Method 32 Bit
Instructions Sequence 55 Instruction
Application 389 Instruction
Proccessing speed (Sequence) 300 ns/Step
Program capacity 10k Step
Maximum I/O points DI 8pts / DO 8pts
Operation mode Remote Run, Remote Stop
Back-up method K address by (Latch) parameter
Total program 128
Program type Scan Scan, Subroutine, Cold/Hot Start initialization, Periodic Interrupts
Periodic Interrupts Maximum 15 scan program
(Minimum period :10ms)
Special PID , HSC, Positioning, IO Input Filter, Special Card init.)
Communication User Protocol(Serial) Comm. Program, MODBUS/RTU Master
Etc. SFC, FBD (Function Block Diagram)
Self-diagnosis function Detect delay of scan time, memory, I/O, Power Supply
Re-start COLD, HOT Restart
Maximum Expansion No Expansion
Device memory X 8 pts (X00 – X07) Bit
Y 8 pts (Y10 – Y17) Bit
M 8192 pts (M0000 – M511F) Bit
L 4096 pts (L0000 – L255F) Bit
K 4096 pts (K0000 – K255F) Bit
F 2048 pts (F0000 – F127F) Bit
T 512 pts (T0000 – T0511) Word
C 512 pts (C0000 – C0511) Word
S 100 states x 100 set (00.00 – 99.99)
D 10000 words (D0000 – D9999) Word
Z 1024 words (Call Stack : Z0000 – Z0063, Z1000 – Z1063) Word
Q 8192 pts (Q0000 – Q511F) Bit
R 16 pts (Index)
Hih Speed Counter 16Kpps (In case of 2Ph. 2Multi. Max 4Kpps)
Positioning Xaxis: Position/Speed control 100Kpps
Yaxis: Position control 5Kpps, Speed control 100kpps
PID 32 Channels, Auto-Tuning
Comm. Channel Standard : USB Loader, Serial 1(RS232C)
Optional(SB16MDTV only) : Serial 1Ch(RS485)
Etc. Real number operation, Online edit


Data sheets


CICON Version 6.10

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