Card ISA 32 kênh vào/ra số DIO + 3 kênh đầu vào Timer/Counter/Frequency ICP DAS DIO-64/3 CR

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ISA Bus, 32-ch DI, 32-ch DO, 3x Timer/Counter Board

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Card ISA 32 kênh vào/ra số DIO + 3 kênh đầu vào Timer/Counter/Frequency ICP DAS DIO-64/3 CR


  • 32 digital input lines 
  • Buffer output for higher driving capability 
  • 3 independent programmable 16 bit down counter 
  • One 16-bit counter , one 32 bit counter with a 4 MHz time base 
  • Breadboard area for add-on circuit 
  • Backward compatible to 720 series card


The DIO-64 provides 32 digital input channels , 32 output channels and 6 counter/timer channels The DIO-64 consists of two 16-bit input port and two 16-bit output port . The user can use the DB-16P ( or 782 series ) to. Connect the input port (CN2,CN4) for isolation purpose. The user can use DB-16R (or 785 series) to interface to the output port (CN1,CN3) for relay control. There are four clock source , 2 M , 1 M , 500 k , 250 k, on the board . The user can choose any one by jumper setting .The user can take the frequency from the soldering pad. On board Timer/Counter provides 3-channel for frequency measure , event counting and pulse generation. The optional 8254 provides 3-channel for interrupt use.


Connector 20-pin box header x 5


Digital Input
Channels 32
Type 5 V/TTL
TTL Input, ON Voltage Level 2.0 V Min.
TTL Input, OFF Voltage Level 0.8 V Max.
Response Speed 1.0 MHz
Trigger Mode Static Update


Digital Output
Channels 32
Type 5 V/TTL
Operation Mode Static Update
Voltage Logic 0: 0.4 V max.
Logic 1: 2.4 V min.
Max. Load Current Sink: 24 mA@ 0.8 V
Source: 15 mA @ 2.0 V
Response Speed 1.0 MHz


Channels 3 (Independent x 3)
Type 5 V/TTL
Resolution 16-bit
Reference Clock Internal: 4 MHz


PC Bus
Type ISA
Data Bus 8-bit


Consumption 500 mA @ +5 V


Dimensions (mm) 35 x 93 x 22 (W x L x D)


Operating Temperature 0 ~ +60°C
Storage Temperature -20 ~ +70°C
Humidity 5 ~ 85% RH, Non-condensing


Data sheet


Odering information

DIO-64/3     CR  ISA Bus, 32-ch Digital Input & 32-ch Digital Output, 3 Timer/Counter Board (RoHS)

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