Module FRnet 16 kênh DO ICP DAS FR-2057TA CR

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FRnet I/O Module with 16-channel Isolated DO (Source, PNP, 30VDC)

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Module FRnet 16 kênh DO ICP DAS FR-2057TA CR

FR-2057TA đã dừng, thay thế và nâng cấp thành FR-2057iTA


• Built-in Wire-saving FRnet DI/DO control
• High-speed transmission reliability
• Simple synchronization mechanism
• No software overhead on protocol processing
• Supporting broadcasting (1:n data transmission)
• Duplicating output easily
• Fixed I/O scan-time and I/O synchronization
• DIN-Rail mountable


The FR-2053TA/FR-2053HTA has 16-channel isolated Sink/Source input, while the FR-2057TA/FR-2057HTA has 16-channel isolated source output. The FR-2000 I/O module has an FRnet interface. The users can daisy chain several FR-2000 modules together. Via FRnet, the FR-2000 modules can extend the remote I/O control of PC, PAC and PLC easily. Further information about the networking of FR-2053TA/2057TA; refer to literature related to I-7188EF, I-8172W, FRB-100200U.



Intra-module Isolation 3750 Vrms
EMS Protection
EFT (IEC 61000-4-4) Yes
ESD (IEC 61000-4-2) Yes
Surge (IEC 61000-4-5) Yes
LED Indicators
Status Power, Communication Run, Communication Error, Terminal Resistor, Digital Output
Digital Output
Channels 16
Type Open Collector
Sink/Source (NPN/PNP) Source (PNP)
Load Voltage 30 VDC Max.
Load Current 100 mA Max.
Isolation 3750 Vrms
Wire Cable 2-wire cabling Belden 9841 (2P twisted-pair cable),
When different cables are used, the transmission distance may change
Transfer Speed 250 kbps for FR-2057TA
1 Mbps for FR-2057HTA
Transfer Distance Max. 400 m for FR-2057TA
Max. 100 m for FR-2057HTA
Cyclic Time 2.88 ms for FR-2057TA
0.72 ms for FR-2057HTA
Reverse Polarity Protection Yes
Input Range +10 ~ +30 VDC (Non-isolation)
Consumption 2.4 W Max.
Casing Plastic
Dimensions (mm) 33 x 102 x 107 (W x L x H)
Installation DIN-Rail Mounting
Operating Temperature -25 ~ +75 °C
Storage Temperature -30 ~ +85 °C
Humidity 10 ~ 90% RH, Non-condensing




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FR-2057TA  CR  FRnet I/O Module with 16-channel Isolated DO (Source, PNP, 30VDC) (250 kbps, Max. 400m) (RoHS)

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