I-7188EX-MTCP Modbus Controller/TCP Embedded Controller

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Modbus/TCP Embedded Controller with 40 Mhz CPU and Real Time Clock Programmable in C Language. Converts Modbus RTU to Modbus TCP. Supports operating temperatures between -25 to 75°C. Can be piggy back
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I-7188EX-MTCP Modbus Controller/TCP Embedded Controller





What is Modbus?
Modbus is a communication protocol developed by MODICON Inc. in 1979. It's a standard, truly open and the most widely used network communication protocol in industrial automation field. SCADA and HMI software can easily integrate serial devices together via Modbus protocol. 

What is Modbus/TCP protocol?
Modbus/TCP protocol is a variant of Modbus protocol. It was developed in 1999 to allow the Internet community access to Ethernet devices.

What software supports Modbus and Modbus/TCP protocol ? 
Most SCADA (Supervisor Control And Data Acquisition) and HMI software support Modbus. Examples include: Citect, ICONICS, iFIX, InduSoft, Intouch, Entivity Studio, Entivity Live, Entivity VLC, Trace Mode, Wizcon, and Wonderware.

What is VxComm Technique?
"VxComm" stands for "Virtual Communications Ports".


The VxComm Driver creates COM port(s) and maps them to the ethernet port(s) of the 7188E/8000E controllers. The user's RS-232 client programs only need to change to different COM ports to gain access to serial devices over Internet or Ethernet networks via the 7188E/8000E controllers.

What is SCADA?
SCADA stands for Supervisor Control And Data Acqusition. It is a production automation and control system based on PCs.

It is widely used in many fileds like power generation, water systems, oil, chemistry, and automobile industries. Different fields need different functions, but they use the following features:

  • Graphical User Interfaces
  • Process Simulation
  • Real time and Historic Trending
  • Alarm Systems
  • Data Acquisition and Recording
  • Data Analysis
  • Report Generation

When you buy an I-7188E -MTCP controller, it already has the default Modbus firmware installed in Flash memory. The default firmware has the follows features:

  • Converters single Modbus/TCP to multi Modbus/RTU 
    The I-7188E -MTCP is a Modbus/TCP gateway. It can easily upgrade many Modbus/RTU devices to have Ethernet communication ability.
  • Supports VxComm technique for every COM port of controllers 
    If serial devices don't support Modbus/RTU, you can still access these devices. But need to install VxComm driver on host PCs and assign a COM port number to link to the remote COM port (of I-7188E -MTCP). After that, serial clients can access these remote serial devices via standard RS-232 functions.
  • Allowed multi-client (or master) access simultaneously 
    Different I-7188E -MTCP controller supports different client numbers connect to. Please refer to our FAQ on web for more detail.
  • Firmware modifiable 
    We provide the Modbus SDK allowing users to develop their custom Modbus firmware.
  • Din Rail Mount

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