I-8831-MTCP Modbus/TCP Embedded Controller with 8 empty slots

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Rack Mount Modbus/TCP embedded Ethernet Controller 256/512K flash, 256/512k SRAM, 10BaseT connection. Available in 4 & 8 slot capacity (8 x slot: 512k / 512k) Runs over TCP/IP. Has operating temperatu
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I-8831-MTCP Modbus/TCP Embedded Controller with 8 empty slots





I-8831-MTCP device is a Modbus/TCP I/O units with Modbus communication protocol. It support most of 8K and 87K series I/O modules such as DI, DO, DIO, AI, and AO. Most SCADA software supports Modbus communication protocol, which enables users to easily and quickly integrate remote I/Os to the SCADA software as data acquisition. There are numerous applications to this product which range from monitoring environment monitoring, power management, and to factory automation.

This units is designed to be used in harsh and noisy environment, so the hardware is manufactured with wide power input range (10 ~ 30 VDC), isolated power input and can operate under wide temperature range (-25°C ~ +75°C). To simplify installation and maintenance of I/O modules, they provide many useful features, such as: auto confi guration, LED indicators for fault detection, dual watchdog to keep alive, programmable power-on and safe values for safety.

There are more than 30 I/O modules support for this unit, including analog input/output, digital input/output, counter input, frequency input modules. Most SCADA software supports Modbus protocol, thus users can easily and quickly integrate the units to the SCADA software for this device.

  • Modbus TCP and RTU protocols
  • Allowed a maximum of 8 Host PCs access simultaneously
  • 4/8 Slots for I-8K and I-87K series I/O modules
  • Supports auto-configuration for I/O modules
  • Push button to configure IP address
  • Firmware updateable via ethernet or RS-232
  • Firmware programmable (C Language Modbus Lib Provided)
  • Operating temperature: -25°C ~ +75°C (-13°F ~ +167°F)

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