LP-5141 PAC with Linux kernel 2.6.19 and two LAN ports

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Linux Controller with 800 × 600 VGA port, LinPAC SDK, microSD card, Audio, Din Rail Mount, USB, Ethernet, RS-232 and RS-485 ports. Supports operating temperatures between -25 ~ +75 °C (-13F ~ 167F).

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LP-5141 PAC with Linux kernel 2.6.19 and two LAN ports


  • PXA270, 520 MHz CPU
  • Linux kernel 2.6.19 Inside
  • Embedded Service: Web Server, FTP Server, Telnet Server, SSH Server
  • 64 MB Flash, 128 MB SDRAM
  • Built-in Ethernet, USB, RS-232, RS-485 Ports
  • Built-in 800 × 600 VGA Port
  • Built-in Audio with Microphone-In and Earphone-Out
  • I/O Expansion Board Optional
  • Operating Temperature: -25 ~ +75°C

The LP-51xx series is equipped with a PXA270 CPU (520 MHz) running a Linux kernel 2.6.19 operating system, multiple communication interfaces, such as VGA, USB, Ethernet, RS-232/485 and audio ports. Further more, it also contains an optional I/O expansion board to implement various I/O functions, such as DI, DO, A/D, D/A, Timer/Counter, UART, flash memory, or battery backup SRAM, etc.

Main advantage of the LP-51xx series is its high quality control system, including its stability, small core size, optional I/O expansion board, support for Web services (Web/FTP/Telnet/SSH server), and multiple development environments (LinPAC SDK for Linux and Windows environment using the GNU C language, GUI software), etc., all of which give users the best features of both traditional PLCs and Linux capable PCs, meaning that it is one of the most powerful and flexible embedded control systems available.

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