Bộ lặp tín hiệu RS-232 3Onedata MODEL232D/9

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Port-powered RS-232 Repeater

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Bộ lặp tín hiệu RS-232 3Onedata MODEL232D/9


1.Convert RS-232 signal into current signal, extending communication distance up to 2km

2.Support 2500V photoelectric isolation

3.Unique port-power technology, no need for external power supply

4.Automatic serial port signal rate detection, zero-delay automatic forwarding

5. Support -40~80℃ wide operating temperature range

6.Compact size, plug and play


Model 232D/9 is an industrial-grade pocket RS-232 line repeater with photoelectric isolation, which can convert RS-232 signal into current signal to extend the communication distance of serial port RS-232 to 2km.

Model 232D/9 obtains power from TXD, RTS and DTR signals of RS-232 port and need no external power supply. Serial ports are equipped with 600w surge protection and 15KV electrostatic protection, which could effectively prevent device from being damaged. Compering with other extending technologies, this one is one of the best solutions of extending RS-232 distance because of its long-distance transmission, stable performance, strong anti-interference ability and photoelectric isolation effect.

The design of Model 232D/9 complies with the requirements of industrial standard. It could be wildly used in application areas like electric power system, industrial automation control, RS-232 remote control system and SPC switch charging terminal, etc.


Serial Port  


Standard: EIA RS-232C

RS-232 signal (7-wire): RXD、TXD、RTS、CTS、DTR、DSR、GND, 5-wire (RXD, TXD, RTS, CTS, GND) and 3-wire (RXD, TXD, GND)could be customized

Interface type: RS-232 serial port adopts DB9 Female (DB9 Male is customizable). Extension cord end (Wire) is DB9 Male.

Baud rate: 300~115200bps, detect serial port signal rate automatically

Transmission distance: 2km (9600bps)

Interface protection: 600W surge protection, 15kV electrostatic protection

Photoelectric isolation: 2500V









No external power supply required

Device obtains power from TXD, RTS, DTR signals of RS-232 serial port







Static power consumption: ≤10mA

Dynamic power consumption: ≤40mA







Operating temperature: -40~80℃

Storage temperature: -40~85℃

Relative humidity: 5%~95%(no condensation)







Housing: plastic

Dimension (W x H x D): 72mm×33mm×16.5mm

Weight: 30g







3 years



MODEL232D/9 Datasheet 

Ordering Information

Available Models RS-232(DB9 Female) RS-232(DB9 Male) RS-232 Signal
MODEL232D/9 1 1 3/5/7 wires are customizable

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