PM-2133-100 3 Phase Compact Smart Meter /CT:3pcs,Φ10mm(0-60A)/English

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3 Phase Compact Smart Meter/CT: O10 mm 60A/60 Hz communicable over Modbus RTU. Supports Operating Temperatures between -10 to 70C. Supports input types: Vrms, Irms, kW, kWh, kVA, kVAh, kVAR, kVARh, an
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PM-2133-100 3 Phase Compact Smart Meter /CT:3pcs,Φ10mm(0-60A)/English





It's always difficult but crucial to the supervisors to figure out how much energy is consuming. ICP DAS brings the most powerful, cost effective, advanced Compact Power Meters, PM-213X series, to the markets.

With its high accuracy (1%, PF=1), the PM-213x series products can be applied both on low voltage primary side and/or medium/high voltage secondary side and enable the users to obtain in real time the reliable and accurate energy consumption readings from the monitored equipments while in operation. These compact size and cost effective Power Meters are equipped with revolutionary wired clip-on CT (various types support input current up to 200A) and standard Modbus communication RS-485 protocol for easy deployment. It works with input voltages ranging 10V ~ 500V, supporting a wide range of applications.

ICP DAS offers PM-213X family in a full range of Single-phase and Three-phase compact power meters for power monitoring. The products offer a rich feature set combined with easy-to-integrate communications.


  • True RMS energy and power parameters measurement in compact size.
  • Easy wiring for on-line installation.
  • RS-485 communication supported Modbus RTU protocol , CAN Bus Communication supported Compatible with CAN specification 2.0B.
  • Wh accuracy better than 1%(PF=1).
  • With wired clip-on CT (various types support input current up to 200A).
  • LED pulse output.

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