SMS-530 CR: Bộ điều khiển cảnh báo tin nhắn SMS + 10 kênh DI + 2 kênh DO + 2 cổng RS-232

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SMS-530 CR 3G DI Alarm Controller to SMS (RoHS) (Asia Only)

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SMS-530 CR: Bộ điều khiển cảnh báo tin nhắn SMS + 10 kênh DI + 2 kênh DO + 2 cổng RS-232


  • Support GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz Quad-band frequency.
  • Support WCDMA 850/900/1900/2100 MHz Quad-band frequency.
  • Identify ASCII or Unicode SMS Automatically.
  • Support max. 140 ASCII Characters.
  • Support max. 70 Unicode Characters.
  • Built-in ASCII Commands and SMS tunnel Communication Modes.
  • Max. 10 Default Phone Numbers.
  • Built-in Watch-dog Function.
  • Industrial Design with Surge Protection.
  • Support SMS setting and control.
  • 10 DI (6 Counter), 2 DO, 2 RS-232 port.
  • Digital input support NC(normal close)/NO(normal open)/Counter modes.
  • Send alarm SMS by DI trigger or exceed Counter preset limits.
  • Support simple command to send SMS via RS-232.
  • Support DC +10 VDC ~ +30 VDC Power Input.
  • Supports 3.7 V Li-ion Battery Backup.
  • DIN Rail design.


SMS-530 is an intelligent 3G SMS controller for industry applications with the simple commands and SMS tunnel function, and power can be input by the external power or Li-Battery. It supports UNICODE or 7 bit format for users to implement sending SMS messages with various languages. Applying SMS-530, the SMS report can be sent by defined time or DI/counter event trigger. This can be a remote control and alarm system allowing you to use your mobile phone to monitor and control your business from any location. Its alarm facilities provide a flexible way to distribute critical alarm information to any number of mobile phone users. SMS-530 can monitor total 10 digital inputs (6 counters). The user can also interrogate the status of I/O through SMS messages. The SMS-530 also has 2 Digital output which can be activated via DI trigger or SMS to control the lamps, pumps, heaters etc.


Signal Alarm and SMS communication

Home security

Remote maintenance

SMS Tunnel Communication

DI Alarm and SMS communication


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SMS-530     CR  3G DI Alarm Controller to SMS (RoHS) (Asia Only)

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