Module 1 cổng CANopen Slave ICP DAS I-8123W-CPS-G CR

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1 Port high performance CANopen Slave Module

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Module 1 cổng CANopen Slave ICP DAS I-8123W-CPS-G CR


  • One CANopen slave communication port
  • Standard CANopen specification DS-301 v4.02
  • Support node id 1~127
  • Programmable bauds: 10k, 20k, 50k, 125k, 250k 500k, 800k, and 1M bps
  • Support both Node Guarding Protocol and Heartbeat Consumer Protocol
  • Provide event trigger function for EMCY event, Node Guarding event and Heartbeat event
  • Provide Event-trigged, remote-requested, cyclic and acyclic SYNC of PDO mode
  • The PDO communication supports single byte output so that users can just modify the value of one byte without changing the others
  • Allow dynamic PDO mapping
  • The SDO communication support segment protocol
  • Programmable slave node ID for the CANopen slave function
  • Provide eVC++, VB.Net and C# demos
  • Support WP-8xx1, VP-25W1 and XP-8xx1-CE6 PACs
  • 256 records CANopen message receive buffer size
  • 2500 Vrms photo-isolation protection on CAN side
  • 3 indication LEDs (PWR, Rx/Tx, ERR LEDs)

Software Utility Features

  • Utility tool for downloading user-defined firmware and updating default firmware
  • Development Toolkit for eVC++, VS 2005 (VB.Net, C#.Net) on WinPAC
  • Development Toolkit for C/C++ on MiniOS7
  • I-8123W-CPS don't support any ISaGRAF series main control unit


The CAN (Controller Area Network) is a serial communication bus especially suited to interconnect smart devices to build smart systems or sub-system. It efficiently supports distributed real-time control with a very high level of security. In CAN networks, there is no addressing of subscribers or stations in the conventional sense, but instead prioritized messages are transmitted. As standalone CAN controller, I-8123W-CPS can represents an economic solution of CANopen application and be a CANopen slave device in the CAN bus on the CANopen network. It follows CiA standard specific DS-301 v4.02 and several communication service functions to communicate with master devices. It has one independent CAN communication port with 5-pin screw terminal connector, and has the ability to cover a wide range of CANopen applications. Besides,I-8123W-CPS uses the new Phillips SJA1000T and transceiver 82C250, which provide both CAN 2.0A and 2.0B specific, re-transmission function, bus arbitration and error detection with auto correction.

It can be installed in WinPAC, ViewPAC and XPAC now. It is popularly applied in the industrial automation, building automation, vehicle, maritime, embedded control network and etc. In order to expand the CANopen functions of ICP DAS products, I-8123W-CPS module is developed for this purpose.



Driver WinPAC, ViewPAC, XPAC-CE6 (The XPAC series PAC only support one I-8123W-CPS)
Library eVC++4.0, VC++,,


CPU Module
CPU 80186, 80 MHz or compatible
Flash 512 KB
Watchdog Timer Hardware watchdog


LED Indicators


Controller NXP SJA1000T with 16 MHz clock
Transceiver NXP 82C250
Ports 1
Baud Rate 10 k ~ 1 M
Isolation 3000 VDC for DC-to-DC, 2500 Vrms for photo-couple
Terminal Resistor Built-in 120Ω
Porotocol CiA 301 v4.02
NMT Slave


Consumption 2W


Dimensions (mm) 31 x 115 x 91 (W x L x H)


Operating Temperature -25 ~ +75 °C
Storage Temperature -40 ~ +80 °C
Humidity 5 ~ 90% RH, Non-condensing


Data sheet


Ordering information

I-8123W-CPS-G     CR  1 Port high performance CANopen Slave Module (Parallel Bus Type) (RoHS)

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